How the Long Night of Cuisine Works

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Only 9 days until the Long Night of Cuisine – and we are really looking forward to it!

With the Long Night of Cuisine fast approaching, we want to give you some tips to enjoy all the culinary highlights in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, and guarantee a delicious evening with the Long Night of Cuisine.

How it works:

Simply look for a restaurant or shop that appeals to you, and easily create your own schedule. Start and end of your Long Night of Cuisine wherever your want, giving you the freedom to customize your night.

To get a better overview of the locations, you can download and print out a map of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg, located here. All our culinary partners are listed on the map with their respective addresses.  You can get the Long Night of Cuisine maps at our partners on May 11th.

Participating shops and restaurants will be decorated with red balloons, helping you to spot them more quickly.

The Long Night of Cuisine has no entrance fee,  but you can get food samples and other goodies from our culinary partner for a small price. We would like you to taste the delicacies and specialties of our partners which are small owner-operated shops 🙂 However, some partners have fixed times for their program so please take this into consideration as you plan.

And as always, the more the merrier, so share the event with your friends 🙂

Here are our partners with specific times for tastings. Otherwise, everything else is listed in the program.

Time Culinary Partner
every hour starting at
5 PM
Teekränzchen Matcha Tea Tasting! With explanations of the effect on body and soul.
7 PM Brauhaus Südstern An introduction to classic German brewing
Cost: 3,00 € • Duration: 1 hour

Receive small samples of rare specialty beers, with explanations of how they’re made. Brewmaster Thorsten Schoppe presents his three personal favorite beers and their manufacturing process:

  • Schoppe XPA: an IPA-style brew. 16.5% Stw. A very hoppy beer, with both  both bitter and aromatic hops 6, 5% Alc 70 BE
  • Schoppe Holy Shit: a double  IPA that’s even more bitter, aromatic and stronger than the XPA,  for those who can’t get enough. 10% Alc, 100 BE
  • Roggen Roll Ale: a reddish ale with a nice hint of roasted malt and a creamy Rogge body. 7% ABV, 50 BE


7 to 9PM OlioBiscotti Wine tasting of their self-imported series from the winery Cantele from Puglia; cheese and sausage assortment and their self-produced olive oil
Sample portion: 3 €
Every hour starting at 7PM until
10 PM
Zum goldenen Krümel Try three delicious vegan creams and find out their secret ingredients!
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