(Foto: Teekränzchen)
Frankfurter Allee 36 B, 10247 Berlin
Tel. & Fax.:+49 (30) 2949935, E-Mail: info@Teekraenzchen.eu



Teekränzchen has over 600 teas from around the world, and an especially charming service.
Its extensive tea assortment includes chai, herbal, tulsi, black tea, green tea and rooibos. The shop also sells  great tea cups and pots, liqueurs and a wonderful stock of chocolate bars.

Program for Long Night of Cuisine:
  • Free tea tasting
  • Try matcha tea – one of the hottest cult drinks – every full hour from 5 pm,  with explanations of its effects on the body and soul
  • An open tour of the diversity of tea – guests can expect a visual tea seminar
  • A raffle to fuel the culinary suspense – each ticket gives you the chance to win a Teekränzchen voucher worth 20 Euros
  • Answer two tea-related questions out of three correctly and receive a gift card worth €3


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