Cupcake Cuisine


(Foto: Cupcake cuisine)

Fichtestrasse 3, 10967 Berlin
Tel. 0176 820 690 64, E-Mail:


Decorate your cupcake from 6 – 10 pm!


Cupcake Cuisine is located in the heart of the Graefe-Kiez. Homemade, fresh and lovingly prepared “Petits Cups” are little miniature stuffed cupcakes made daily. The handmade chocolate cakes also make for incessant snacking because they’re not too sweet or rich – just perfectly unique.

For those who want to nibble a bit more, try their selection of tasty mini-tarts, mini-cheesecakes, and “crumbles”!

Program for Long Night of Cuisine:

Decorate your own mini cupcake! Get your own “naked” mini cupcake which you can decorate will all your heart. Eat it after, or take it home – the best-decorated cupcakes will be photographed and posted on Cupcake Cuisine’s Facebook page!

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